Max - Drums and Background Vocals

Max moved to North Carolina almost 40 years ago, and the Louisville Kentucky native decided he was finally home.

He started playing as early as he can remember... just don't ask him to remember what he had for lunch!

His first paying gig was when he was 12, and hasn't lost the urge to play ever since.


2017 Touring Kit: 

Yamaha Recording Customs - David Geribaldi Kit 
10" Tom - Remo Batter, Aquarian Reso 
14" Tom - Remo Batter, Aquarian Reso 
22" Kick - EMAD batter, Aquarian Reso 

14" Ludwig Black Beauty Snare 

14" - A Zildjian "New Beat" Hihats 
2 - 16" A Zildjian Thin Crash 
2 - 17" A Zildjian Thin Crash 
1 - 21" Sabian Hand Hammered Jazz Ride 

Sticks - 7A