Bill - Bass & Background Vocals

Billy D hails from the land that time forgot.... Queens, NY!

He's the newest "bad grandpa" of the bunch and the reigning shuffleboard tournament champ at the home!


Primary instrument is a 1976 Fender Precision bass.
Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
Yamaha BB200 Fretless
Ovation Celebrity Accoustic / Electric short scale
Upright Bass of unknown Origin with Fishman pickup. 


For small venues
1964 Ampeg b15n Portaflex
TC Electronic BG250 Combo Amp 

Medium to Large Venues:
Eden wt-400, Wt1250 heads
Eden d210 and d115 cabinets 

Large Venues
1980 Ampeg SVT head
Ampeg SVT-CL 8x10 Cabinet. 

Art BCC Bass Multi Efx , OCD Distortion, DOD Bass Flanger, DOD Chorus