Bill - Bass & Background Vocals

Bill hails from the land that time forgot.... Queens, NY!

He's the newest "bad grandpa" of the bunch and the reigning shuffleboard tournament champ at the home!


Primary instrument is a 1976 Fender Precision bass.
Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
Yamaha BB200 Fretless
Ovation Celebrity Accoustic / Electric short scale
Upright Bass of unknown Origin with Fishman pickup. 


For small venues
1964 Ampeg b15n Portaflex
TC Electronic BG250 Combo Amp 

Medium to Large Venues:
Eden wt-400, Wt1250 heads
Eden d210 and d115 cabinets 

Large Venues
1980 Ampeg SVT head
Ampeg SVT-CL 8x10 Cabinet. 

Art BCC Bass Multi Efx , OCD Distortion, DOD Bass Flanger, DOD Chorus